I have many facets to the way I live my life. Not everyone is privy to all the pieces. Honestly, I think most people would freak out if they saw the whole picture. So I reveal bits at a time, see how the person handles that and then decide how much more to reveal. It’s actually a pretty common way to develop relationships.

It feels like I’m living in parallel universes sometimes. Not like deceptive, More like having flimsy curtains that divide different parts of me. I haven’t told my employer I am Autistic. I have told my children about my misspent youth. I have not explained my medical conditions to all of my friends. I do answer questions when asked. See, not so different from you.

I have learned how to manage in my world. That doesn’t mean I’m “cured” of anything, I’ve just figured out how to filter information. How to blend in with everyone else knowing that I’m different. Simultaneous living.

And it’s all good.


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