Dream on
Dream about the world were gonna live in one fine day.
Dream on
Spend the night in heaven, I’ll be here to light your way.
Someday tomorrow will smile
But little girl in the meanwhile
Dream on~ The Righteous Brothers


Youngest turns 18 today. We just spent the last week checking out college and interviewing for jobs. It’s bittersweet to see my baby spread her wings.


You did what you wanted from the start. Your quirks delighted (and still do) everyone. You attended all kinds of activities, content just to be included. I’m sure you really didn’t enjoy all the sports and activities we signed you up for because your siblings were participants. You also learned a lot along the way, just by being part of things. You were the only girl to earn all the Girl Scout Brownie Try-its in your Troop. Probably because you had three times as many opportunities to learn things although your determination to finish what you started played a huge part.


And off to high school you went, ready to take it all on. Your first time driving with a license…your new best friend…sisterly love. And Minions. You didn’t let people tell you what to do. While you stayed near the beaten path, you certainly carved your own way. You found yourself.


So now, here we are. The big step into adulthood. Adult, yet not. I’m so very proud of the person you are and look forward to seeing you take flight. Dream on, baby, dream on.


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