I’m really torn about my advocacy work. I know many people have bought into a certain organization’s legitimacy as “spokesmen” for Autistics. I don’t want to offend those people as I’ve seen so many different attitudes and different treatment approaches in the last 18 years that I’m of the opinion “if it doesn’t hurt your kid and you’re ok with it, have at it.” So, not on board with bleach as a cure/treatment. If you want to try acupuncture, diet, essential oils…that’s your call.

But when  you throw your support behind an organization that has no Autistics in leadership positions, paints totally negative pictures of life with Autism and consistently ignores Autistic voices, I get a bit peeved.  When you pretend that Autistics aren’t capable of understanding what you’re saying, you hurt the very people you claim to be helping. When you send an organization’s leadership to the Vatican (imagine how much therapy/respite care could have been paid for instead) only to have the person describe how there is no hope without a “cure,” what message are you sending to both Autistics and their loved ones about their lives.

Behavior is communication. What does yours say about you?

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