Yet again, a certain organization has spoken. Well, it’s one person who happens to have a large following. And following is the correct word in this case. I get that the idea of a cure for Autism is desirable to some. But like many other things, it’s nowhere in sight. Which means instead of puffing from that pipe, maybe you should be focusing on what’s in front of you.

There have been a number of pieces written about this latest speech. The one that resonates most with me can be found here…

If you took the time to read the blog….I am not less than. My children are not less than. My students are not less than. Your family members are not less than.

I am not a puzzle piece. I am not the color blue. I am not “missing” anything except acceptance. Why is it okay to assume I am deficient because I don’t think the same way as other people? Newsflash!  We don’t all think the same.

One of my favorite social media pages can be found here….

Please stop following and start leading. Help others understand that people are not defined by catchy phrases and “assigned” colors. There are so many organizations in our communities that directly assist people instead of spending millions on promoting one individual’s agenda that you should have no problem becoming both part of your community and part of the solution.

Live. Learn. Love. Accept.

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