All Lives Matter

Yep, I’m going there. Yesterday two police officers were murdered. One was Asian, the other Hispanic. The shooter was Black. All the protest over Michael Brown and Eric Garner and not a single peep from those same protesters about this shooting. Then, early this morning, another officer was shot and killed while responding to a suspicious person report. That makes for 113 officer deaths in the line of duty this year. Roughly one every 3 days.

Where are the protesters? Where is the outrage? ONE OFFICER EVERY THREE DAYS! Just as a reference, the website claims that in August there was one Black man killed by police every week. Statistically, in case the math stumps you, police officers are killed at twice the rate as Black men.

Another man from Tennessee started posting on social media this morning about his plans to murder officers. Right out in the open. Where are YOU as these threats are being made?

Police officers are the people who make it so you can have your protests without being run over by traffic, because you think it’s okay to lay down in a busy intersection. These are the people who ensure your safety every day. These officers also have family, including children.

But I guess since they’re police officers, it’s okay to take pot shots at them.

Forget the race cards people. ALL LIVES MATTER. If you want to declare war on the police, then be prepared to make peace with people who mean you harm.

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