Tears from Heaven

It’s a sad day. You see, another child has been murdered by his mother. London McCabe was just 6 years old when his mother threw him off a bridge last night in Oregon. People should be outraged that another child died at the hand of his parent.  London had Autism and the media is already portraying his murder as his own fault.

Please, stop using “but” in your stories. There is no “but.” There is no excuse, especially not claiming that London’s disability drove his mother to murder him. The only time I see “but” in stories about parents murdering their kids is when the child is disabled. THERE IS NO “BUT!”

Today in particular I am angry to see London’s story alongside ballot measures….political actions…across the United States…that are attempts to define the value of human life. I don’t care what “choice” you are. Before you get all up in arms about “personhood” think about what you are willing to do to help the people who are already born…already in peril…already in need.

An innocent 6 year-old child was murdered last night because he had a disability. Any of you could become disabled in a blink of an eye. Do you want to be murdered?

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