I recently wrote about I practice I called Vaguebooking where someone writes something intentionally vague just to see what kind of response they receive. And I shared another bloggers post about tone of writing ( Just put those two together and maybe the next part will make sense.

I write because I enjoy it. Because I want to share my thoughts. Because it’s a creative outlet for me. Yes, things in my life take shape in my blogs. After all, the ideas have to come from somewhere. I’m not  into plagiarism, so that just leaves my own experience.

My experience is that when you connect with a piece of writing, it’s what you make of it. Television and movies paint landscapes that you can see, but writing leaves all that up to you. Sometimes I connect with a book and finish it within hours. Other times, I just can’t get into a book. I’ve been trying to read a particular book for over a year now and I’m only on page 100. Every time I go back to it, I read a page or two and say “nope!”

So, dear readers, when you connect with my writing, it means that it resonates with you. Some kernel of what I wrote is meaningful (it’s all meaningful to me since I wrote it). Perhaps it will take some time to percolate through your thoughts…that phrase that grabbed you and sucked you in. Perhaps it just taps you on the hand and you scroll through the blog. I’ve been told by some that it’s more like 2×4 across the forehead. Whatever way it reaches you, well, that’s up to you.

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