One of the greatest indicators of our own spiritual maturity is revealed in how we respond to the weakness, the inexperience, and the potentially offensive actions of others~ David A. Bednar


I don’t consider myself spiritually mature. I suppose it really depends upon how you define spirituality. I separate spirituality from religion nowadays. I don’t believe you must have one to have the other. That probably offends some people, so here’s your chance to see how spiritually mature you are.

People confuse me. The mixed messages. Hidden agendas. Innuendo. Shades of grey. While I’m pretty good at sifting through the ever-changing background noise, it’s still very disturbing when a clear channel breaks through. It’s disconcerting when the noise takes on a distinct beat.

The beat I’m feeling right now is distrust. It’s pressing in on all sides. I’m even emanating some myself. Oppressive in nature, distrust breeds contempt. Contempt makes it hard to respond in a graceful manner when someone offends us.

Oh, I try to be mature. I try to see things from different points of view. I really do try to understand people. But, I frequently fail. I admit that my own immature responses get in the way. You see, sometimes I just want to stomp and yell…throw a tantrum of epic proportions. And yet, I can’t. It would both concern and offend a large number of people who see me as a stable, contributing member of society.

So, here’s my partially spiritually mature response…..pffffffttttt. Nanabooboo. There. Tantrum over. Nothing to see here. I’m as calm as a leaf in the wind.

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