Yeah, 22

Middle turns 22 today. It’s the second year he hasn’t been home for me to do the traditional birthday celebration. Sending a cake would be very messy. Convincing his roommate to string up balloons and banners would be hard. So a box of goodies went in the mail.

I want to say how proud I am of Middle. He is working in a small field of study. No easy routes to success. Hard work followed by more hard work. It’s funny when we try to talk about what he’s doing since the topic is so far outside of my understanding. He still laughs at my attempts to understand. A good thing, I guess.

Today I hope he looks back and sees how far he’s come. I hope he hears all of us cheering him on. It’s not been an easy or perfect path, but it is his path. And I’m really proud of him.

2 thoughts on “Yeah, 22

  1. Thank you for your comment. What do I do? I’m an educator. I work with youth who have been incarcerated and help them graduate high school. I teach love, tolerance, and respect throughout the time I spend with a youth. These youth have already encountered the police, so I listen to their stories and walk them through how a different choice could have a different outcome. And, I do my best to be a role model through civic engagement, taking responsibility for my actions, and respecting people. We all have a story and our ears were designed to listen. Peace.

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