Dream on
Dream about the world were gonna live in one fine day.
Dream on
Spend the night in heaven, I’ll be here to light your way.
Someday tomorrow will smile
But little girl in the meanwhile
Dream on~ The Righteous Brothers, Dream On

Today she celebrates 19. It seems like a long time. And yet, she tells me it is not. But 3 years is a long time too. And to me, it’s not. Time shifting, changing, morphing into yesterdays, todays and tomorrows. A constant swirl of ever-changing landscapes that sometimes move so fast, you miss them. At other times, they are so slow you wish time would speed up. Ah, 19.

She’s a dreamer. The kind of person this world desperately needs. She sees things I miss. She’s adventuresome….on her own terms. A small smile that spreads. A burst of laughter that rings throughout the room. Impish.

I wonder how I can be so lucky as to call her mine. She may not like that all the time, but it’s a fact. We play together. We argue. We make up.

Dream on, my little girl. Keep dreaming about how things can be and one day, you will smile at everything you have become.

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