Why fakers ruin my life, Part 2

I went to an emergency room 2 weeks ago. Keep in mind I have known chronic illnesses and spend several hours each week with doctors. The ER doctor (and I use the term loosely) gave me a “15 minute diagnosis” and denied me appropriate medical treatment.

Why? I’m a middle-aged white woman with abdominal pain. Apparently that’s a profile for drug seekers. The ER policy is to not give narcotics to drug seekers. So, thanks. I’m sure that’s not the only profile they have. Back pain is another one they watch out for. In doing the CYA move, legitimate problems are being left untreated.

I just spent 10 hours this week with my established care team. We went over those ER notes and thoroughly discussed my illnesses. Nope, I’m not a seeker. Sometimes my body is just too beat up and overwhelmed to do anything but scream in pain. That’s not going to change. In fact, it’s probably only going to get worse.

Your challenge: Use your resources wisely. If you don’t have an emergency, wait to see your primary care. Keep in mind that drugs can’t solve everything and in many cases rest, ice and/or heat are better treatments. Stop asking for drugs. If you really feel you need them, then only ask for what you need. Be a smart consumer.

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