Equality…yeah sure

Nope. Not talking race. Healthcare. Yes., healthcare. You see, my family has healthcare. It’s a government plan for the military. It’s not horrible a far as coverage goes. It is just frustrating.

I’m trying to locate a provider. I use the “Find a Provider” tool on the website. I start calling. First call that makes it through to a live person informs me that Tricare is a private insurance plan. Apparently if you use Medi(whatever), you can be seen within 24 hours. Because I have private insurance, November 17.

String of voice mails left for other providers. Second live person…refuses to talk to me because I “MUST” have a referral first. Um, no. Called Tricare to confirm the rules haven’t changed. Nope, still the same.

Third live person tells me I have to “sign up” with the business office before an appointment can be made. Seriously! Just drop my name on the calendar at a mutually agreeable time. The paperwork will happen. It always does.

So apparently, all the hype about health care is a stinking pile of manure. I have friends who tell me their Medi(whatever) doesn’t have enough options, they can’t find a provider, etc. I have “private” insurance and can’t get seen. So who the heck is filling up all the appointments? How can we be short doctors if NONE of them are really taking patients?

The funny thing is, I said “fine, I’ll just pay out-of-pocket” to make this happen sooner. They REFUSED! Said since I have insurance, I have to follow the rules. So, even money doesn’t talk.

Yep, On November 6, remember this blog. Remember all the promises. Remember your own experience. Take your frustrations out at the ballot box. Maybe, just maybe, a real live person will hear you.

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