A Letter to My Son, Part 2

It’s hard to believe another year has flown past. Soon, all too soon, you’ll be considered an adult. I’m still constantly amazed by everything you have accomplished. How I wish I could tell all the naysayers in your past just how wonderfully you are succeeding at things they said would never happen.


You always were a wise man. I used to just sit back and watch you figure things out. I was, and still am, amazed at how much you learn when I think you’re not paying attention. And when you pay attention…look out world! I have absolutely no doubt about the veracity of Louis Armstrong’s words “they’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know.”

Recently, another parent commented on how just one year had changed her child and stated that all the extra effort was already paying off. You may or may not remember all the extra effort you had to put towards growing up, but I hope you understand now why I did what I did. Steering your ship away from the shoals was a full-time job. Some days, I admit, I miss steering your ship. Then I realize that while I’m no longer at the rudder, you let me stay on board as a passenger. Thank you for that.

And now, my little guy is grown. I’m grateful you kept your heart. Your desire to help others makes me proud. Your confidence is amazing! The fact that you had to go through so much because of who you are and you still look for good people is remarkable.

Every time I find out you went on a job interview, a leadership conference, a school activity…and tell me about it after the fact…I know we did the best we could. When you shake your head at me because I can’t understand a word of the engineering project you’re trying to explain, I’m grateful you still let me be part of your world. When you ask me to come to a concert or a Parent’s Weekend, I smile.

To everyone who ever told us you wouldn’t fly, I offer this: I believe in my son. Nothing you can say or do will ever change that. He is a remarkable young man now. And, by all accounts, successful. So, let’s put on our party hats and salute success!


PS: I’m still not a heavy metal music fan, but I’ll get there.

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