Top 8 Diagnostic myths for Adult Females with Asperger Syndrome: A Brief Look

A very perceptive article on Aspergers and females:

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Over the years, I have listened to the stories and narratives females across the lifespan. In working with and supporting females on the Autism Spectrum, I have personally learned alot. With their permission, I am and will be sharing their stories, thoughts and quotes, at times in blogs and mostly in my book series. Amongst the stories and narratives of adult women, research and personal clinical anecdotal experience, I have come across some common diagnostic myths. What follows is a brief summary of my Top 8 Diagnostic myths I have most commonly heard.

MYTH:  You can’t have Asperger Syndrome because you are female.                                                                                                                                  FACT:  Females of all ages can and do have Asperger Syndrome (AS). Females with AS are in every country and they usually have a distinctive profile. The gender statistics are approximately 2:1 for male:female, and well may be 1:1 in the future, as we find out more…

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