I’m just confused. I spent the last 6 months being diagnosed by what most consider to be top-notch doctors. Then I saw a doctor today who told me that my diagnosis was invalid. I’ve been using a software program to track trends, but this doctor told me the only way to see trends is to write them down on paper by hand. And apparently the only valid tests are ones run by this doctor’s office.

People wonder why healthcare costs so much. This doctor only considers “his” testing to be valid. Cha-Ching! He spends an hour in the room (mostly talking to himself). Cha-Ching! Prescribes a new medication that has no generic equivalent. Cha-Ching! Schedules monthly follow-ups even though the recommendation is quarterly. Cha-Ching!

I’m actually more concerned about what his “treatment plan” would do to me. I guess he didn’t consider anything except what he saw today. He plans to treat me with a medication I know I’m allergic to. He wants me to go through some very unpleasant testing just to “verify” my diagnosis. Oh, and it’s a 3 hour round trip to visit his office.

I guess he was a bit upset when I told him he was disinvited to be a member of my healthcare team. He called me non-compliant and difficult. And a few other things. So, the search begins again.

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