Just Spit it Out

Gotcha! I bet you were thinking it’s another blog on words. Nope. I mean this literally. In a nice way of course.

I have some texture sensitivities. Certain foods just make me gag. I know some people like smooth. Others like crunchy. It really depends on what works for you. One of the “newer” therapies is called “feeding therapy” where a therapist works with you to desensitize and add more variety to your diet. I can honestly say that particular therapy rubs me wrong. Years ago, you got feeding therapy after having a stroke or some other major event that impaired your swallowing. Now, I just think of a kid who already has so little control over their lives being forced to learn to eat “acceptable foods.”

So, teach your kiddo some manners like spitting into a napkin, not saying “ew, gross” or some other words. Teach them that trying a new food doesn’t make it part of the menu of they don’t like it. I know it can be maddening when your child only chooses 5 foods. You’ll both make it…I promise. Those 5 choices will change and most likely expand. You may not even notice the changes. Give yourself or your loved one some choice in what they eat. You might just discover it was really a disagreement about control and not actual food avoidance.

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