New Normal

You know how there are some phrases that just rub you wrong?  Push your buttons? Raise your hackles? Yep, that feeling.

There is no such thing as “the new normal.” For me, life just goes on. Every day brings change. There really never was a “normal” point in my life. I suppose if you used the picket fence, 2.5 kids example as normal….well, not sure what you did with the other half of a kid.

My point is, change brings about more change. Just because your life changes doesn’t mean it’s not normal. It also doesn’t mean it’s going to stop changing, thus my objection to “new.”  It just is. We live in a state of constant change and trying to label that is just an exercise in futility.

Instead, try living. Stop trying to pin labels on everything and everybody. While it is human nature to want to categorize things, labels are pretty meaningless in reality. Live. Love. Let go.

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