I recent link on social media leads to a confession by Steve Jobs that he recognized how “bad” technology can be for kids so he limited his kids’ exposure . Lots of comments ensued, including many stating that tech kills young brains, with the majority of parents of young children stating that they agreed. I had to put this on paper.

Seriously. I can’t even go to a restaurant without seeing some kid glued to a screen. Movie theater. Church. Wal-Mart. Driver’s license office. Doctor’s office. Vehicle (yes, I can see the video screens in the minivan in front of me). It’s the new, improved pacifier for older kids. And I’m supposed to believe all these people who state they only allow 30 minutes a day? Perhaps you should clarify and add 30 minutes per location, per day.

Technology is not some evil thing you need to banish from life. You are not a bad parent or person for incorporating tech into your life. It’s a different world out there than even 5 years ago. We literally have the world at our fingertips. And, kids are sponges. Kids have a knack for learning all about things before parents even know the thing existed. Innocence is very short-lived, regardless of your parenting choices.

Yes, kids need guidance and rules as they learn about the world. That applies whether the topic is not running into the street while playing or learning how to play Minecraft. Yes, you need to teach your kids how to balance their lives. Yes, us adults need to remember that we need balance too. All play and no work makes Johnny a very poor boy.

Just drop the self-righteous bit. I sat at my kid’s events over the years and watched parents playing Candy Crush instead of playing attention to their kids. I see you handing over your phones and bringing tablets into places where you want your kids to behave. It’s ok. I used to bring coloring sheets and crayons with me everywhere.

Don’t lock your kids out of their future because someone told you they **never** allow their kids to access tech. Most likely, they’re not being truthful. Your kids **have** to know about technology in order to get a job. Yes, even operating a cash register now requires keyboarding skills. You don’t have to go overboard. You can still monitor it.

If you expect your kids to abuse tech, then you should probably look at yourself. You are their role model. Monkey see, monkey do. If you’re not willing to go outside with your kids, then the message is that part of life isn’t as important as Candy Crush.

A thousand times a day your life is touched by tech. It’s not the enemy. Like all things, moderation goes a long way.



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