“14 Things I Hate About Being Autistic”


My Favorite:

6: It is usually assumed that I have “conquered” or “defeated” autism, and that anything I have achieved is in spite of autism. A phrase I hear a lot is “I would never have known that you were autistic”, as though autism is this hugely negative and obvious thing that a non-expert would be able to pick in a second. (Or, as though society is made up entirely of autism experts). This is well-intentioned but problematic because it carries the underlying assumption that if I have done something considered as “successful”, then this must have been despite my autism. In reality, autism is a part of everything that I do. Autism is not an enemy that needs to be defeated. My autism hasn’t been “overcome”. This issue is also symptomatic of the wider ignorance as to how autism presents – in reality, most of us would not be able to pick an autistic person out of a crowd. 

2 thoughts on ““14 Things I Hate About Being Autistic”

  1. I sometimes wonder when people say things like that what their vision of an autistic person is. How would they know anyone is autistic unless the person was incredibly obvious about it and even then it could be something different than autism.

    • I wonder about that too. People are very quick to judge others and drop labels on people. I’m an acceptance advocate…it shouldn’t matter what my differences are because we’re all the same at the end of the day.

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