Most children threaten at times to run away from home. This is the only thing that keeps some parents going.~ Phyllis Diller

Parenting. The final frontier. Bravely going where no one has gone before. Well, sort of. We’ve all had parental figures in our lives. Yet, each one of us has some quirky little things that others do not. In others words, parenting is a journey we make with others, on parallel and occasionally intersecting paths.

I have 3 biological children in my life in addition to scores of others that have been passed through my hands as a teacher, Scout leader and child advocate. A couple of days ago, I was in a conversation with my youngest about the benefits of being the youngest. My point was, I made all of my parenting mistakes on her siblings. Her point was, I still make far too many mistakes.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot. Not to mention being reminded of it daily now by my youngest. I found out today that I hadn’t taught my son how to address an envelope. My oldest is still trying to figure out how to put together “outfits” of a professional style. And my youngest told me yesterday that her life would be so much easier if I’d just get a clue. Ah, yes, the grand times of parenting. Yet, it is strangely fulfilling to hear them whine and realize that if that’s all I did “wrong,” I’m pretty darn lucky.

This blog is a short one on purpose. I have more mistakes to go make…..

1 thought on “Voyages

  1. I’m sure my kids would say I was a failure as a mother in many ways. I hated going to “events” (school and otherwise). “Dress up” included a clean t-shirt and jeans and my cleanest pair of tennies (usually). Birthday parties pretty much stopped by age 10, but I tried to at least buy a present. I never knew what to buy for a boy. At all. Dinner was cooked out of a box or a can unless it was Thanksgiving or Christmas. And I was pretty short tempered when I was in pain or tired (which was most of the time). I measure success in just getting all my kids to 18 without a criminal record. After that, I have given them the best I had available for their time at home and they are released upon the world. If the trend keeps happening, I’m thinking that I must have instilled *some* good.

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